Ristorante Taverna del Pescatore Casteldimezzo PU

Welcome to Ristorante Taverna del Pescatore...

"... you can never steal to Taverna del Pescatore its atmosphere due to the stunning sea view, you see to the horizon, where there are three parallel universes: the sea air and sun, with its shining, of all shades from yellow to red lights in the clouds or the sea is reflected painting an explosion of life or a quiet sunset." E.B.

There it is!! the last curve on the municipal road, on the right, the sea as far as the eye can see, on the left, the building in bricks and stone…. Inside you are overcome by pleasant sensations. The style – a unique mix of rustic and seafaring -  is accompanied by suggestive ornamental objects which bring back to mind ancient costumes.

The view which can be enjoyed from the terrace is one of the most beautiful ones over the Adriatic Sea. Each part of the day has a particular charm. By day the natural landscape is of unique beauty. As far as the eye can see, you can get a view of the Apennines with San Leo, San Marino and Carpegna to reach the coast of Romagna up to Ravenna and at the end the coastline of  the Marche. At sunset the atmosphere has something magic. Unfortunately not all tables can be in the front row! In the evening the atmosphere becomes incredibly romantic and candle-lit dinners are unforgettable.
Taverna del Pescatore - Borgata Casteldimezzo, 23 - 61121 - Castedimezzo (PU) - Tel. 0721-208116 - Fax 0721-208100 - E-mail: info@tavernadelpescatore.it - Partita IVA 01061970412
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