Menu of Tradition

Respect for the dishes of the local cuisine seafaring tradition was, and still is, in the dna Taverna Del Pescatore. The recipes so simple and tasty of certain dishes have remained unchanged. Mussels, clams, fried fish, the mixed grill, fish soup give the same emotions that gave to the customers who frequented the old restaurant. Every day we offer the traditional 'Vecchia Taverna' menu at € 32.00.

Today's menu

Lovers of raw seafood can enjoy moments of great satisfaction. The reason? The certainty to enjoy a fresh food, the great variety of different kinds of fish, crustaceans and molluscs on paper, the ability to freely arrange the dish with the price list to each piece. A large aquarium at the entrance of the restaurant exposes lobsters and slipper lobster. With these shellfish there are also prawns and shrimp. Shellfish are prepared in a simple but refined. The result is delicious dishes of great effect that give the taste what they promise at the sight. The wine list is every year carefully prepared by selecting the cellars and the finest wines. It 'a card of 150 labels in balance with what is offered from the kitchen. Particularly noteworthy are the selections of white wines, with a focus on bubbles and a tribute to the Marche region. In the dining room does not escape the attention of the customers the corner of distillates. A flat surface offers an exposition of more than 50 Italian distillates while at a side of the table, in the window there are the foreign distillates.

Raw materials e Quality

The raw materials are fresh and carefully selected. The purchase activity begins in the morning, very early, with a visit to the fish's wholesalers. It evaluates the quality and quantity of the fish and proceed to the purchase. In the kitchen you use extra virgin olive oil produced locally. They are light preparations, using simple seasonings, quality and respect the original flavors. It produce homemade cakes, bread, flat bread, crackers and breadsticks. It pulls the hand egg pasta to prepare it according to traditional recipes. Professional, discreet friendliness, hospitality and attention to detail are the business card of the restaurant.

Our menus


Private menus

Extensive a la carte menu with a selection of raw seafood, hot and cold appetizers, pasta, grilled fish, baked and fried, mixed fried fish, shellfish, fish soup. In each dish we serve there is our care in the purchase of raw materials and preparation. Even a traditional skewer of shrimp or squid has a special taste if the shrimp and squid are the best on the market and are carefully prepared. Two affordable menu suggestions: traditional 'Old Taverna' menu at € 32.00 and all inclusive "tasting" menu € 48.00.

banquets and weddings

Banquets and Weddings

In your special day Being greeted by a quality cuisine that leaves out the freshness of the fish, on the terrace at 200 meters above the Adriatic Sea, in the frame of the San Bartolo Park: the ideal location for a dream banquet. We have prepared for you a fully customizable proposal rich in fish menu by choosing from our extensive list of appetizers, pasta, second courses. Any raw vegetables, appetizer buffet and cake always according to your preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by mail!

groups menus

Groups menus

If you are planning a trip not far from this land border between Marche and Romagna, consult us without obligation for a proposed all-inclusive menu. Add to your trip a memorable lunch break!