About Us

Our history

Customer satisfaction is the result of a very long working experience that begins in 1965 when the tavern guide, directed by Baldelli Sante, passes to his daughter Marcella and her husband Renato. The culinary passion of the couple brings to transform the tavern in a trattoria in a short time. The philosophy of preparation is already defined but still is not clear on what raw materials it's better to bet. At first, beside the fish traditional dishes such as mussels, clams, snails and grilled, there are excellent meat on the table and grilled venison in the pan.

With the passage of time are the demands of customers who indicate the path to follow: the fish you eat at Taverna Del Pescatore has something special. Over the years the restaurant refines the paper of the dishes and broadens its offering with a focus on new trends. The goal is to keep always high quality.

Our staff